Find Your Power

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We have Moved & Evolved!

You can now find us at 144th & Maple, offering 11-week Small Group Yoga Sessions and Saturday Community Classes. Get empowered with the mindset, mobility and strength to experience more ease and joy in life. Our practice style fosters the connection between the nervous system, brain, body and spirit.

Welcome Home

This isn’t your typical yoga studio.
We’re a laid-back, come-as-you are crew of rebels, nerds and healers.
Our Monday through Friday practices are Small Group Yoga Sessions personalized for enrollees in 11-week sessions.
Our Saturday morning practice is a lively community practice open to everyone whether you participate in a weekday session or not.

We believe people benefit from encouragement, dignity, mercy, grace, humility and acceptance.
We accept everyone regardless of beliefs, origin or any differences that are bound to exist.

Change & Magic Happen Here

Not just for the fit and flexible, we help you regulate your nervous system, tap into new perspectives, mobilize your sticky spots, and develop the neuro-muscular pathway to the smaller (usually forgotten), stabilizer muscles so you can strengthen effectively and efficiently.  Our approach to practicing yoga postures is unique, and informed by years of clinical physical therapy experience and continued yoga studies and practice.

Enrolling Now for 2024 Session Dates:
Session 3:  July 22 – October 7
Session 4:  October 8 – December 23

The studio atmosphere is soothing and free of distraction. The instruction is incredible! The teachers are supportive yet challenging and technical in the best possible way. Practice here if you’re serious about making a commitment to yourself.

~ Karen K.