Got Questions?

What kind of classes do you have?

Our pace of practice is conducive to a moving meditation so you can notice how your body and mind respond to stimuli.  Our cuing is focused on helping you regulate your nervous system, tap into new perspectives, and develop the neuro-muscular pathway to smaller (usually forgotten), stabilizer muscles so you can strengthen in a more efficient and effective way.  We do not offer hot yoga – any sweating you experience will be from your effort and engagement, not artificial heat.

Our practice addresses imbalances in strength and flexibility, and takes into account the influence our mindset and nervous system have on our movement patterns.  Read about Physical Therapy Informed Yoga here.

Read our class descriptions here.
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What is Physical Therapy Informed Yoga?

PT Informed Yoga develops the neuro-muscular pathway from the brain along the nerves to the smaller (forgotten), stabilizer muscles so you can strengthen in a more efficient and effective way. Many of us think that if we have pain, weakness or some sort of movement problem, we either need to get stronger or more flexible.  Trouble is we tend to strengthen what’s already strong, or stretch when we actually need to strengthen elsewhere, so the body continues its patterns of compensation.  Read more about PT Informed Yoga here.

How do I get started?

You can drop-in one class at a time, get a 10 class package, or choose between our Monthly 4 or Monthly Unlimited memberships.
You could also take advantage of our Kick Start program (2 one-on-one sessions + 6 group classes) for $108.  Our Start Here page will get you squared away!

What is the Kick Start program?

The 30 day Kick Start supports you with 6 group classes and 2 (25 minute) one-on-one sessions (aka a yogi check-in).  In your first yogi check-in we will get to understand your goals, assess your mobility and mindset needs, answer your questions, go over any modifications you may need, and send you off with a skill or two you can work on between classes.  In your second yogi check-in we’ll celebrate your mobility and strength progression and evaluate any additional skill practices needed.  Visit our start here page to get set up!

What is a yogi check-in?

A yogi check-in is a 25 minute one-on-one session.  Your initial yogi check-in will include sharing your goals, assessing your mobility and mindset needs, answering your questions, identifying any modifications or skill practices you may need to support your goals.  Subsequent yogi check-ins will celebrate your mobility, strength, and mindset wins and give you additional skill practices needed to support your ever-changing needs.

How do I schedule a yogi check-in?

Call or email us to set up a yogi check-in:  402-885-8855 or
Or just request to schedule one while you’re at a class!

How much does it cost?

A single drop-in class is $20.
A 10 pack pass is $140.
A Monthly 4 membership is $48.
A Monthly Unlimited membership is $108.
Get more details on our rates page.

What do I wear?

Wear anything you can move comfortably in that you won’t need to continually adjust to keep on or keep yourself in!  We’re a laid-back, come as you are kind of crew!

What do I bring?

You don’t actually have to bring anything except yourself and your mat.  If you don’t have a mat yet or need advice on what & where to get one, we have one you can borrow & can talk through good options with you.  The key to a good mat is grip/stickiness and density – the thick & squishy pilates mats are not good for balancing (imagine trying to stand on a pillow).  You may also want to bring a water bottle (we have a water cooler) and a hand towel (or borrow one of ours).

I'm a beginner, what classes would be a good fit for me?

We do not segregate our classes into levels.  Our instructors will offer options to meet YOUR needs in every class, and our community is extremely encouraging to folks just beginning their yoga practice!
Our Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 9:00am classes do have a higher “chill factor” and more floor time if you prefer to start there.  Remember, class replays are always an option if you can’t make it into the studio for a class.
We encourage you to just jump in!  Show up to ANY class with curiosity, courage and patience.  Read our class descriptions to find a class that resonates with you and use our schedule page to register for classes.

Do I have to register in advance for a class or can I just show up?

Ideally you register for classes at least 2 hours in advance of class.  If for some reason a class needs to be cancelled, those that are registered for class will be notified.  If you are not registered, you run a rare risk of showing up to a cancelled class.  You can register for classes on our website via our schedule page.

How do I register for a class?

You can register for classes on our website via our schedule page.  Just click the “Sign Up” button next to the class you want to register for.
You can also register for classes via the Mindbody app.

What if something comes up last minute and I can't come to class?

You may cancel your class registration up to 2 hours before class via the Mindbody app or calling the studio at 402-884-8850.  You cannot cancel registration within 2 hours of class start time, however you can request to be moved to our live stream or replay option instead.  View our cancelation policy here.

What is power yoga?

Power Yoga is a POWERFUL practice with a slower pace and longer holds in poses to build strength, dissolve tension and steady your mind. We focus on functional movements to help mobilize and strengthen joints, relieve chronic pain and prevent injury. Re-inhabit yourself so you can notice how your body and mind respond to experiences. Develop an empowered mindset to respond to life’s challenges effectively!

Do you have hot yoga?

We do not teach the traditional hot 26 sequence.  Our space is a comfortable 74 degrees (give or take).  Any sweating you experience will be from your effort and engagement, not artificial heat.  Check out our class descriptions here.