About Our Studio

Omaha Power Yoga exists to bring community together and help people human better.

Why Omaha Power Yoga?

Strengthening a healthy heart, mind and body is powerful and requires effort.
And it’s a lot more fun with a light-hearted group of supporters!

If you’re ready for a you-centered practice to settle your mind, energize your body, and lift your spirits,
OPY is the place for the change you seek!

OUR CLASSES have a relaxed paced to encourage deep breaths, exploration of sensation, self-awareness and non-competitiveness.

OUR STAFF is committed to skillful thoughts, words, and actions, and sharing our experiences to empower and encourage others.

OUR SPACE is clean, quiet, uplifting and free from distraction.

OUR COMMUNITY is welcoming, supportive and light-hearted.

What makes us tick?

It’s not about being flexible or skinny, what gear you have or what poses you can do. Here’s the deal… strong muscles & impressive balance won’t improve your relationships and may not even fix your movement or chronic pain issues!  And since we can’t change anything we aren’t aware of, we focus on self-awareness, self-regulation, with tons of fun and encouragement mixed in. Our goal is to help people move better, think better, feel better, and human better!


About Our Practice

Our cues will help you regulate your nervous system, tap into new perspectives, and develop the neuro-muscular pathway to the smaller (usually forgotten), stabilizer muscles so you can be strong & steady of heart, mind AND body. Pace of practice is that of a moving meditation so you can notice how your body and mind respond to stimuli. Our physical therapy informed yoga takes into account the influence our mindset and nervous system have on our movement patterns.

Our Mantra

I am open. I am receptive. I am curious.

I choose to see myself and others with divine perspective.

I will handle what’s mine and leave what’s not,

And I will ask for the wisdom to know the difference.

I will seek to understand over being understood.

This is simple, not always easy. So when I falter,

I will humbly acknowledge, smile to soften, and simply try again.

Life gives us opportunities to feel every possible feeling. It flows from rewarding to challenging, from frightening to thrilling. The highs or lows we experience in any moment are temporary, and how we react feeds the experience that follows. When we lessen our reactivity, we lessen our strain and stress, and our health improves – pretty simple (I did NOT say easy)!

Your ability to notice and regulate your reactions – not the ability to stand on your hands, balance on one leg or put a foot behind your head – is key to elevating your quality of life. A consistent and solid yoga practice draws out your virtues and changes your presence. Power Yoga asks you to pay attention to yourself, and to accept, love and learn from what you discover so you can live bigger. It’s not easy – it’s empowering and its most potent effects come gradually over time, so stay diligent!

We all have our work to do. No one can do it for us, and we don’t have to do it alone. OPY is a safe space full of amazingly strong and resilient people… doing their own work, together. I will never tire of hearing students say “I love this place, there’s just something different about it!”

WE LOVE OUR STUDENTS and are committed to their growth!

Anything that delivers profound results, takes real work.
Do the work. Move forward. Don’t quit. Live your full potential!

I hope to see you soon. Much love,

Suzanne DeJong
Owner, Omaha Power Yoga

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