As we navigate the coronavirus (COVID-19), OPY remains committed to supporting your well-being.

Your Heart and Mind

The mounting fear, panic and confusion surrounding the coronavirus can be exhausting and put our nervous system on high alert. In a distressed state we are more susceptible to illness. It is important to do the things that settle your nerves, help you rest, and keep your body, immune system, mind and heart strong! Things like breathing deeply, moving, meditating, and getting good nutrients.

Our Classes — In-person, Live Stream and Replay

Our schedule has been modified, and we offer live streams and replays of our in-studio classes for those staying home. In-studio class sizes are smaller. We will continue to monitor our local situation and make necessary adjustments. For information on how to register and attend our live stream classes, click the button below! We also offer private and semi-private sessions in-studio and via Zoom. Email info@omahapoweryoga.com to inquire or schedule.

Taking Precautions In-Studio

As you have noticed, cleanliness has always been a priority, and we are taking extra steps to clean and sanitize. We are taking the following additional steps to keep our space as low risk as possible…

  • With our live stream and replay options, in-studio class sizes are smaller.
  • We adjusted our schedule to reduce traffic between classes (read more about our classes).
  • Like always, if you are feeling ill (or have been in contact with someone who is), please stick to live stream classes.
  • Exercise is exempt from wearing a mask since it is harder to breathe while exerting yourself – do what you think is best for you.
  • As usual, wash your hands …with soap.
  • As always, we honor requests for no touching for adjustments, svasana, hugs or high fives.
  • Feel free to bring your own props with you.