opy at home

OPY supports your well-being with resources and practice options outside our studio space..

Your Heart and Mind

Mounting fear, panic and confusion surrounding illness, war, politics, etc can be exhausting and put our nervous system on high alert.  In a distressed state we are more susceptible to identifiable sickness or mysterious pains that doctors can’t explain.  It is important to do the things that settle your nerves, help you rest, and keep your body, immune system, mind and heart strong!  Things like breathing deeply, moving, meditating, getting good nutrients, and perhaps seeking some unconventional self-care.

Our Classes — In-person, Live Stream and Replay

We offer live streams and replays of our in-studio classes for those practicing with us from other states and countries, and for those times when you just can’t make it into the studio.  For information on how to register and attend our live stream classes or receive replay links, click the button below!  We also offer private and semi-private sessions in-studio and via Zoom.  Email info@omahapoweryoga.com to inquire or schedule.