Yoga Class Styles

About Our Power Yoga Practice

Strengthening a healthy mindset and body is powerful and requires effort.
Emphasis is placed on breath, self-awareness and biomechanics.
Sweating will result from your effort and engagement, not artificial heat.
Pace of practice is conducive to a moving meditation.

Alignment & Flow

This power yoga class has an emphasis on alignment and biomechanics and a strong focus on breath.  You will build heat, balance effort with ease and develop a strong, calm, collected, steady self.  All levels welcome.
Monday and Wednesday 4:30pm classes are 60 minutes.
Saturday 8:30am class is 75 minutes.

Ashtanga – Short Form

This 60 minute Ashtanga yoga sequence is based on the Primary Series with fewer vinyasas between postures, shortened posture holds, and some postures omitted.  Postures practiced may vary slightly each week.  Practitioners will be invited to Om, however no other traditional Ashtanga chants are included.  Each posture will focus on breathing, gaze and movement to reconnect the body and mind.  All are welcome to this practice regardless of prior experience.
This class is offered Thursdays at 5:30pm.

Power Express

This yoga class includes all the benefits of a power practice in just 45 minutes for those with more time limitations!  This just means shortened grounding time to start, a quicker ramp up to the heat of practice, and a shortened svasana to end.  Focus will be on breath and conscious, fluid movement, as well as attention to mindset.  All levels welcome.
This class is offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:00pm.

Power + Yin

This yoga class is an effective combination of yin (ease) and yang (effort),  incorporating long, slow, passive postures + a moderate intensity power practice.  An effective combination of soft and strong!  All levels welcome. 75 minutes
This class is offered Wednesdays at 9:00am.

Power & Release

This yoga class utilizes external props with an emphasis on reducing restriction of soft tissues. These self-myofascial release techniques access deeper components of the soft tissue in order to improve range of motion and ease of movement.
Beginning with a guided grounding then slowly transitioning into active floor postures, this class builds to a moderate intensity in upright postures at its peak. We slowly settle into passive floor postures and tissue release with external props, ending in svasana.  All levels welcome. 75 minutes
This class is offered Fridays at 9:00am.

Slow Flow

This yoga class sticks to basic postures with an emphasis on exploration of sensation, mobility and settling the nervous system. Beginning in svasana then slowly moving into active postures on the floor, this class builds to low intensity upright postures at its peak. We gradually settle back into passive floor postures, and wrap up with guided relaxation and svasana.  All levels welcome.  75 minutes
This class is offered Mondays at 9:00am.

Live Stream Classes

We offer live streams and replays of our in-studio classes for those practicing with us from other states and countries, and for those times when you just can’t make it into the studio.  If you are registered for a live stream and aren’t able to attend, a replay link will be sent to you.  Replays are also a great alternative when something comes up last minute that would otherwise cause you to cancel (see our cancelation policy).  For more information on how to stream with us, click here.

We also offer private and semi-private yoga sessions in-studio and via Zoom.  Email to inquire or schedule.

To view upcoming special events, click here.

The studio atmosphere is soothing and free of distraction. The instruction is incredible! The teachers are supportive yet challenging and technical in the best possible way. Practice here if you’re serious about making a commitment to yourself.

~ Karen K.