Yoga Class Styles

About Our Power Yoga Practice

Strengthening a healthy mindset and body is powerful and requires effort.
Emphasis is placed on breath and self-awareness.
Sweating will result from your effort and engagement, not artificial heat.
Pace of practice is conducive to a moving meditation.

Power Hour

This POWERFUL practice will increase strength, stamina, and agility both physically and mentally. Focus will be on connection to breath and conscious, fluid movement; as well as attention to mindset to strengthen what helps you and disempower what hinders you. You will be encouraged to honor exactly where you are and to be curious about your ever-changing edge between enough and too much. All levels welcome. 60 minutes

Power Express

This class includes all the benefits of a power practice in just 50 minutes to get you in & out in under an hour! Focus will be on breath and conscious, fluid movement, as well as attention to mindset. This shorter experience just means shortened grounding time to start, a quicker ramp up to the heat of practice, and a shortened svasana to end. All levels welcome.

Yin Yoga

A slower, more subtle postural practice that encourages the nervous system to relax and rest in the experience of surrender. Yin yoga targets connective tissues, fascia and muscles throughout the body, increasing circulation and improving range of motion. It also helps regulate the body’s flow of energy. Through long, slow, deep holds of postures (all seated or lying down), allow gravity and breath to dissolve layers of tension and resistance so you can experience more ease.  75 minutes
*Yin only classes are offered on a pop-up basis, so keep an eye on our schedule as they are not offered every week.*

Power + Yin

Experience a slow, deep and mindful Yin sequence to set you up for a fiery Power practice. An effective combination of soft and strong! All levels welcome.

Power & Release

This class includes self-myofascial release, somatics, and/or yin inspired movement to release tension, pain and settle your nervous system. These disciplines will prep you for a more powerful and fiery postural sequence. All levels welcome. 75 minutes
*Somatics: Extremely slow and gentle movements targeting the nervous system to release chronic muscular tension, relieve chronic pain, and improve posture and movement.
*Yin: Targets connective tissues, muscles, and fascia throughout the body increasing range of motion and helping regulate the body’s flow of energy.
*Self-Myofascial Release: Improves muscular range of motion. By breaking up the adhesions in the fascia, your muscles and connective tissue can move more freely.

Alignment & Flow

This power yoga class has an emphasis on alignment and biomechanics and a strong focus on breath. You will build heat, balance effort with ease and develop a strong, calm, collected, steady self. All levels welcome. 75 minutes

Slow Flow

This class begins and ends with svasana. With an even slower pace than our power yoga classes, this class is great for anyone looking to increase mobility, stamina and strength. This class sticks to basic postures with an emphasis on exploration of sensation, mobility and settling the nervous system. All levels welcome.

Power Pilates

Pilates meets Power Yoga! High intensity, low impact, and equivalent to a 2 hour gym workout, this full body practice is all about time under tension prioritizing alignment and engagement before depth. Prepare to work the slow twitch muscles til they quiver, building surprising strength and resiliency. This class will have a more “fitness feel” while still providing the grounded and steadying affect you show up for. You’ll work hard, feel amazing, have some laughs, and get great results in minimal time… so efficient! 50 minutes

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga (SUP Yoga) includes elements of Power Yoga and Laughter Yoga for a fun and invigorating practice! Enjoy fresh air, sunshine, adventure, laughs, strength, stamina and relaxation. And just as our in studio classes are welcoming and inclusive, we’re no different on the water. So whether it’s your first time with yoga or your first time on a board, you’ll have a blast with SUP Yoga!
*Offered seasonally of course!*

Breathe + Meditate

Enjoy 25-30 minutes of breathwork (pranayama) + a 15-20 minute silent seated meditation with minimal guidance. This is a free class. Currently offered via live stream only.

Vipasana Meditation

Vipasana (“to see things clearly”) meditation is derived from Thervadan Buddhist tradition and used to develop a stable, unified mind to observe the nature of things. From this neutral observation derives the insight and understanding needed to be less reactive, more compassionate and resilient when confronted with life’s inevitable ups and downs. This 45 minute session consists of a brief dharma talk and silent seated meditation with minimal guidance. The purpose is to cultivate kindness, compassion, meditation and wisdom for a happier, more contented life.
This is a donation-based class with half of proceeds going to the Mindfulness Outreach Initiative of Omaha.

The studio atmosphere is soothing and free of distraction. The instruction is incredible! The teachers are supportive yet challenging and technical in the best possible way. Practice here if you’re serious about making a commitment to yourself.

~ Karen K.