Dream Team!

Omaha Power Yoga evolves and moves…

OPY has teamed up with Trinity Physical Therapy to offer physical therapy informed power yoga and mobility classes, as well as a variety of other therapies. 

Our priority remains empowering our community with the mindset, skills, and mobility to think better, move better, feel better, & human better. 
Rachelle and I have shared this vision in our separate businesses for over a decade, which makes this is a natural partnership and dream come true.

We are absolutely over the moon excited to move our vision into reality!

To accommodate our new endeavor, we did some light remodeling of Trinity PT’s space at 144th & Maple (versus a significant build out of OPY’s former Countryside Village space).  And we are loving our new space, our new team, and our co-creation coming to life!!  We definitely carried our soothing, safe and welcoming feel into our new space.
WE are US, no matter where we are!

As of the update to this post -4/25/24- we are just a couple of months away from our online content launch for PT informed power yoga.  This online library will include videos for both education and practice.  There will be short practice videos for Engagement & Mobility Skills (E&M Skills) that will help you develop the neuro-muscular pathway to the smaller (usually forgotten) stabilizer muscles so you can increase strength and stability in a more efficient and effective way.  This online library will also include yoga practice sequences that incorporate these E&M Skills.   

Read about PT informed yoga in this article – What is Physical Therapy Informed Yoga?

Rachelle and I are thrilled to get to share this next chapter of thinking better, moving better, feeling better, & humaning better with you!  Click here to get started with us!
Much love,



OPY Schedule

in-person, live-stream or replay | advanced registration required

• Group Yoga Classes
• Personalized Yoga Programs
• Guided Emotional Processing
• Mindset & Productivity Training
Manual Therapy
CranioSacral Therapy
Somatic Emotional Release
Visceral Manipulation
Alexander Technique
Graston Technique

You can find us at 4006 N 144th Street in our wonderful shared space with Trinity Physical Therapy.


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