OPY Evolves!


Dream Team!

Omaha Power Yoga is evolving!
… and moving

OPY is teaming up with Trinity Physical Therapy to offer physical therapy informed yoga and mobility classes, as well as a variety of other therapies! 

Our priority remains empowering our community with the mindset, skills, and mobility to think better, move better, feel better, & human better. 
Rachelle and I have shared this vision in our separate businesses, so this is a natural partnership and one we have wanted to make happen for a very long time.

We are absolutely over the moon excited to move our vision into reality!

This does mean a relocation to 144th and Maple on June 1st.
To accommodate our new endeavor, the build out in our current space would be significant, while only some light remodeling in Trinity PT’s space at 4006 N 144th Street.

Personally, I will miss my 7 minute neighborhood drive, my wonderful landlords, and our skylights.
AND my new 15 minute drive, plus the possibilities to come are more than worth some change!

We will have more to announce later on our PT informed yoga.  For now, you can expect targeted cuing instructions in classes to promote a strong, steady and agile outcome (similar to what we do now, just with more structure and consistency across all classes and teachers).  

More details are below to address the burning questions you likely have.
I also want to call out that our space feels so soothing, safe and welcoming because that is the energy we fill it with!  So, as attached as we may feel to our current physical space, we will create a warm, welcoming, sanctuary feel in our new space.
WE are US, no matter where we are!!

It is time to evolve, and while change can certainly include grief and fear, Rachelle and I are excited, courageous, and full of faith for our next chapter! 
Much love,



  1. Pricing for current OPY-ers will not change for the time being.  Your 10-pack or membership will move with you to our new space.
  2. Our website and our Mindbody system will continue as-is, so you’ll keep registering for classes through those avenues per usual.
  3. We will no longer use FitGrid as of 5/31, so if you live stream or replay, we will be in touch with you on how to pop into the stream as of June 1st.
  4. Our services and schedule will evolve.  Below is what we’ll start out with…

• Group Yoga Classes
• Guided Emotional Processing
• Mindset & Productivity Training
• Physical Therapy:
• CranioSacral Therapy
• Somatic Emotional Release
• Visceral Manipulation
• Alexander Technique
• Re-tensioning
• Graston Technique

Yoga class schedule

in-person, live stream or replay | advanced registration required


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Yoga Changed My Life

pic of Julie & Leon

Julie & Leon in the studio for pilates

Our friend Julie shared her story with us. We think many of you will be able to relate to it. 😉  We’re thrilled to have her back again. Leon is thrilled about her generosity with treats!

The very first time I practiced at OPY, I was scared to death. I also knew that how I felt was my responsibility, and that I had a choice. So I faced my fear head on, and the reward was greater than I imagined.

Under layers of fear, guilt, and sadness I found the real me! I found a deep self-worth I had lost. Then it happened… basking in the joy of feeling better, I let my practice take a back seat to my busy schedule. Fast forward to the pandemic, and my life got very challenging. All the layers piled back on.

The frantic feeling of just staying on top of my day to day kept me from prioritizing myself. I realized I needed to refocus and get back to me. So I decided to return to OPY to realign with my true self.

I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t nervous to walk through the door again. It had been SO LONG! I kept my promise to myself, though, to be brave and hold myself accountable. 

It’s been 9 months since my comeback. Buried beneath the layers that had built back up, I found courage, strength, energy, happiness, and self-confidence again. It feels so good to have balance back in all areas of my life. I’m taking positive steps everyday for my well-being, and am better able to handle inevitable setbacks.

I connected with an amazing group of people at OPY who are supportive and inspire me to thrive. So when I falter – because I have – it’s not hard to get back up and at it again! It’s up to each of us to be serious about what we want our lives to look like going forward. I am grateful for the crew at OPY who support and encourage my trek.

Anyone can do yoga, and trust me when I say this… it will change your life! It literally eases the mind and you feel unstoppable.

Here’s to returning to ourselves and our support systems,


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What Is Yoga

Yoga is not just one thing.


It’s been written about and talked about a thousand times over…
       What is yoga?  What’s not yoga?
Ask ten people and you’ll get ten different answers. And that’s okay.

This may be challenging – we don’t need to make someone else wrong to feel safe in our own belief. Yet that’s exactly how we operate. We argue our belief and try to convince others to agree with us.

And of course we do! When we agree, we feel like we belong. It’s important to recognize that belonging is not dependent on agreeing.

To me, disagreeing often feels like a disconnect or a rift. I have also experienced how acceptance can bridge that rift and create a deep, true sense of belonging. Each of us wants to feel heard and loved, no matter what. We all want forgiveness when we make mistakes.
Disagreeing is unavoidable. It’s just a thing that happens from time to time. Remembering that helps me accept disagreement.

A C C E P T A N C E  doesn’t require you to agree with or even like something.

A C C E P T A N C E  is often an active choice to see through the fog of heightened emotions.

A C C E P T A N C E  is simply acknowledging something for what it is so you can see your options clearly and choose a path forward.

I can not like something and resist it – focusing and spending my energy on what I don’t want – an exhausting and unproductive cycle.
Or I can not like it, accept it and decide how I’m going to proceed.

My most effective teachers and coaches didn’t answer my questions. They inquired about my answer and offered perspective to help me get clearer. So I’ll “answer” the what is yoga question by simply sharing about my own practice. I hope to encourage you to investigate your answer through personal experience and discovering your needs.

Yoga is not just one thing. It has physical, mental, emotional, spiritual (not to be confused with religious), and cultural components. So it’s no surprise how a wide range of yoga practice styles have developed over the ages.

My practice is more than physical. It’s a doorway to my true nature. A route home. A way to deepen my spiritual connection. A way to keep my heart, mind & body in sync and supporting one another. A way to observe and course correct when I get out of sync.

Sometimes it requires my eyes open, sometimes it requires them closed.
Sometimes it involves talking, other times silence.
Sometimes stillness, sometimes movement.

My movement practice is purposeful, engaging, and designed to build strength in full range of motion to improve mobility. I want to be sure the “house” I will always live in (my body) will support me with ease in the years to come. I want it to be free from limitations and ailments as much as possible. There are “yoga postures” I don’t do. How I teach and practice postures has changed over the years and will continue to.

Practicing at Omaha Power Yoga means practicing awareness, acceptance, strength, agility, and resilience. It may sound intense – and sometimes it is – so we infuse humor & joy to keep it light.
You’re welcome to join us! Get started here.

Much love,

The Comeback Feels Amazing

Wendy & Leon in the studio

We received this delightful comeback story from our friend Wendy. We hope it inspires you. Leon sure is grateful to have Wendy back, and so are we!

These past 5 years had some pretty rough moments: I was diagnosed with cancer, we went through a pandemic, my mom was sick, work was insane. Through it all, I kept losing the physical side of my yoga practice. I either didn’t have enough time or energy to get on the mat — often both. I had forgotten that my practice made it possible for me to make it through those difficult times off the mat.

Through my practice at OPY I learned how to be uncomfortable and sit in that ‘I want out’ space. I learned to trust myself. I learned to breathe. It surely wasn’t perfect or pretty, but had I not practiced yoga I would have relied on unhealthy coping mechanisms and I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Yoga is the best gift you can give yourself. It makes you a better person — inside and out. When I practice regularly, I am less reactive to the world around me. I am stronger — physically and emotionally — and feeling physically strong is so empowering that it carries into all other parts of my life. I take care of myself. I make healthier choices on every level.

After forgiving myself for not being consistent with yoga, I feel a renewed sense of determination. I’m excited to regain my strength, peace and power at OPY. To anyone that has taken an extended break… it’s totally okay, forgive yourself. Trust me, the comeback feels amazing!

Come back to love and acceptance,


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New Year, Clean Start!

At the close of the year, it’s natural to reflect on how it’s gone and decide what you want in the year to come. OPY is teaming up with Jamen and Dylan, founders of Clean Slate Food Co. here in Omaha, to bring you a 6 week program that will help you knock out next year’s “I want” list!

Are you tired of feeling of sluggish and heavy?

Does your “I want” list include more energy, less stress, more strength, and less physical pain?

If you want an easy solution that takes little effort, this is not for you.

The New Year, Clean Start program is limited to 30 people who are serious about taking responsibility for how they feel, and are willing to make the changes necessary to eat healthier, lose weight, sleep better and get stronger.

Close your eyes and imagine that you make ZERO changes to your self-care. In 12 months… How do your clothes fit? How are your aches and pains? How are you sleeping? Do you have enough energy and patience to drive home from work without road rage? Are you snapping at your loved ones when you get home? How do you feel?

If you want to feel differently, you need to do differently and think differently. This program will provide the support you need, and will require your effort. The relief you experience will be worth it!

New Year, Clean Start starts Monday, 1/13 and runs through Sunday, 2/23* and includes…

  • 6 single serving, clean, healthy meals from Clean Slate delivered to your home at the start of each week (for 6 weeks)
  • 6 weeks of unlimited group yoga classes at Omaha Power Yoga (view class schedule)
  • 2 group coaching sessions with Suzanne DeJong, limited to program enrollees only
  • Encouragement and accountability via a private Facebook group for program enrollees only

We’ll feed you delicious and nutritious meals, dial down your cortisol levels, and get your mind right so you can be strong and centered to handle what you need to handle with more ease than you ever thought possible.

Motivated for change? Register NOW for New Year, Clean Start!
~ Only 30 spots available to ensure a high level of support
~ Enrollment closes at 12pm on Sunday, 1/12

Want to learn more about Omaha Power Yoga — click here.


Jamen Danielson (L) and Dylan Thompson (R) of Clean Slate Food Co

Clean Slate Food Co delivers healthy, delicious, ready-to-eat meals straight to your door each week. Their chefs and co-founders combine artistry, deep flavor profiles and nutrition in order to serve great food to the local community.


Jamen Danielson (L) and Dylan Thompson (R) of Clean Slate Food Co




*for those traveling to Busuanga, Philippines for Power Yoga Unplugged, your program end date will be extended to Wednesday, March 4th

Best of Omaha Yoga Studio - Omaha Power Yoga

One of Omaha’s Top 3 Yoga Studios

Best of Omaha - Yoga Studio - Omaha Power Yoga

Every year, Omaha Magazine announces businesses voted the Best of Omaha by local consumers. Because of YOUR votes, Omaha Power Yoga was named one of the TOP THREE yoga studios in Omaha!  We know you have a plethora of yoga to choose from (more than 20 studios in the metro area), and we are humbly grateful for your recognition of our efforts to serve you, OPY-style. Congratulations to the other “Best Yoga Studio” category winners, Lotus House of Yoga and Karma Yoga.

With 10 years in business under our belt, our team is diligent in our growth so we can continuously up-level our SERVICE to YOU, our awesome community! Your success stories are so encouraging…

“I went from 6 medications, to 1! I sleep better and have a quality of life I never thought I could.”  – Bob

“My doctor was shocked by my improvement, and I’m off my blood pressure medication.”  – Marcia

“I’m down a belt notch, plus I’m more focused and productive!”  – Joe

“My doctor said I have the spine of someone 20 years younger than me!”  – Patti

“My low back pain is gone!”  – Brian

“I’m more aware of my stuff, and of when others aren’t aware of theirs, so there’s way less drama in my life!”  – Dan

THIS is the success we are committed to! We are here to support YOU bettering your body, your health, your relationships, and your peace of mind so you can THRIVE!

Have a friend that could use this medicine? Forward this article to them so they can start now with a great intro offer!

Haven’t shared your own success story with us yet? We LOVE hearing them – shoot us an email at info@omahapoweryoga.com!

Thanksgiving Day at OPY

I want to personally invite you to our 10:00 am Thanksgiving Day power yoga practice!

Our 10am holiday class is a super fun tradition you definitely want to be part of. The room is a buzz of joy. Folks are ecstatic to be on holiday and “get their minds right” through a sweaty, moving meditation with their yoga peeps!

The extra boost of energy + calories burned from the physical practice helps you get through the demanding (and typically over-indulging) day. Not to mention getting your mindset prepped to handle family dinner conversations – ha!!

Thanksgiving Day is extra special because class is FREE when you bring non-perishable items for the Food Bank for the Heartland. Can’t make it to class…well, we’ll miss you for sure, but if you still want to help, here’s a link to donate online. With the Food Bank’s purchasing power and network of wholesale donors, every ONE DOLLAR donated can provide up to THREE MEALS!

Go to our schedule to pre-register for class as it fills up fast (remember, it’s our only yoga class that day).
I’m excited to see you all there!

Much love, Suzanne