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Physical Therapy Informed Yoga Teacher Training

What’s missing from Yoga Teacher Trainings? I am privileged to know some experts in the physical, mental and emotional bodies.  I asked one a while back if they practice yoga solely on their own or if they have a teacher they enjoy practicing with. Their response was,  “I haven’t found a yoga teacher that I think […]

The Disconnection Epidemic

What do you mean I’m disconnected from my body? To say “I’m disconnected from my body” sounds absolutely absurd, right?!  I mean, come on… my brain is inside my head, my head is attached to my body, and I’m walking around in this meat suit.  So, there’s no possible way I’m not connected to my body! […]

Physical Therapy Informed Yoga

What is Physical Therapy Informed Yoga? Omaha Power Yoga and Trinity Physical Therapy share a goal to help people move better, think better, feel better, and human better!  We are dedicated to improving function and reducing pain to create more ease, joy and satisfaction in people’s lives. Thus was born… physical therapy informed power yoga! The […]

OPY Evolves!

Omaha Power Yoga evolves and moves… OPY has teamed up with Trinity Physical Therapy to offer physical therapy informed power yoga and mobility classes, as well as a variety of other therapies.  Our priority remains empowering our community with the mindset, skills, and mobility to think better, move better, feel better, & human better.  Rachelle […]

Hypnosis Pop-up

No, not the comedy club type hypnosis! Omaha Power Yoga is hosting Hypnotherapist and Physical Therapist, Sami Herbster, for a 75 minute pop-up class to explore how hypnosis can be a powerful tool for deep relaxation, self-discovery and healing. In this session you will: ~ Experience the deep relaxation benefits of hypnosis ~ Tune out […]

Lucky Pup Yoga

Lucky Pup Yoga   We are so happy to report that Puppy Love Yoga in February was such a smash hit!  Two furever homes were found, and the rescue raised a little over $600.  There are still so many adorable puppies looking for their furever homes, and because you asked for another puppy yoga… We […]

Puppy Love Yoga

Puppy Love Yoga   Have some goals to get healthier in the new year, but the weather makes you want to curl up and watch Netflix?  Here’s your motivation… plus you get to help the pups!!! Get your stretch & strength on, snuggle puppies, have your cheeks hurt from smiling so much, and support a worthy cause! […]

Underestimating Surrender

KNOWING ISN’T THE PROBLEM…   You know how tweens and teens know EVERYTHING? When asked or reminded about something, mine respond with “I KNOW!” To which my response is, “knowing isn’t the problem, doing is.” Well, as we sometimes do as parents, I found myself choking on my own words… I was a business owner, yoga […]

Beagle Rescue Yoga

For The Love Of Dogs   Our pups so generously love us despite character flaws like forgetting the occasional biscuit or skipping a walk, but not all pups get safety and love returned to them.  Sometimes they end up neglected, abandoned or abused. Long time OPY-er, Christine DeMey, adopted her soul-pup, Jovi, in 2008 from […]